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About this course

At The North London Dental Centre, our National Diploma in Dental Nursing is accredited by the NEBDN.

This qualification teaches trainee dental nurses the foundations of dental nursing. We aim for our dental nurses to be able to demonstrate great level of knowledge, skills and professional attributes.

At the end of the course, our dental nurses leave with a qualification that we’re proud of. The course focuses on teamwork within the dental practice and ensures that dental nurses are highly trained, giving both the trainee and dental practice peace of mind.

NLDC’s Dental Nurse Course is designed by practising GDC registrants with many years of experience and you will be assigned a personal tutor to aid your study. We help with employment, while on the course.

Dental Nurse Expertise

Dental Nurses are an important part of the dental experience. Not only do they offer support to dentists across the full range of treatment provision but they play a key role in supporting the patient too. Other responsibilities include infection control and health and safety in the workplace.

Dental nurses are required to be well-rounded employees. They should have excellent communication skills, be caring and compassionate, highly organised, and must be friendly and approachable. In addition to this, they must be calm and able to work under pressure.

Entry requirements

To get enrolled on our accredited Dental Nurse Course you must meet the following criteria:

  • A valid proof of ID.
  • A valid visa with permission to work in the United Kingdom (non-UK resident students).
  • National Insurance Number
  • Proof of UK address.

To enrol on our courses we require applicants to successfully pass a initial literacy test. Applicant can start work from the day of enrolment.


Enrolment fees starting from £399

Monthly instalment plans available.

Finance Available

Students can spread the cost of their course over 1 to 5 years. It’s a quick and easy application process where you can get a provisional decision within 60 seconds. Learn more

Work Fund Grant

For further financial support, you can check your eligibility for a grant with one of our affiliated organisations.

Your grant/bursary application may take up to 10 working days to be acknowledged and/or evaluated by the organisation. NLDC are not responsible to guide you through this process, you must contact the organisation direct for guidance. Learn more

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Why choose us?

We are the UK’s leading course and training provider in the dental industry. With a track record of excellence and expertise, we specialise in qualifying high-standard industry professionals. Our commitment to delivering top-quality education and nurturing skilled dental professionals sets us apart as the preferred choice in the field.


Course Overview

This 12 month dental nursing diploma course is comprised of a written examination, practical examinations and a workplace portfolio (Record of Experience).


The awarding body for the National Diploma for dental nurse qualification is the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN.) NLDC is an accredited NEBDN training centre. We offer a wide array of learning methods tailored to your preferences, with options such as Blended, Zoom, and E-Learning formats. You can select from flexible schedules, including evening, weekend, and daytime classes, held either at our modern and comfortable training centre or through online platforms for your convenience.


You will also be required to complete an e RoE (Record of Experience), which is a practical experience record which needs to be completed within deadline provided by the NEBDN. To complete your RoE you should be working in a dental practice as a Trainee Dental Nurse.

What will be your roles as a Dental Nurse?
  • Set up for each and every patient, providing the Dentist with the correct equipment and instruments.
  • Assist the Dentist during treatment by passing relevant instruments and equipment, aspirating and retracting if necessary.
  • Prepare and mix materials.
  • Write patient notes correctly and efficiently as dictated by the Dentist.
  • Monitor the patient as of entering the room, during treatment and as they leave the surgery.
  • Offer support and reassurance to patients.
  • Carry out stock control.
  • If and when a Dental Nurse works on reception, duties may involve:
    • Greeting patients and checking them in.
    • Answering the phone and interacting with patients.
    • Booking appointments.
    • Taking payments.
    • Liaising with laboratories and referral practices/hospitals.
What can you achieve after successfully completing this qualification?
  • Can register with GDC and have a better prospect.
  • Can go for post graduate courses and become a Specialist Dental Nurse.
  • Can get better wages.
  • Can get on to a Dental Hygienist/Therapist courses.
  • Can get on to an Orthodontic therapist course.
  • Can become an Oral Health Educator and many more.
Where will the dental practice be located?

Our In-house careers adviser will assist in sourcing the work placement using your desired postcode to avoid lengthy commutes.

How we help source the work placement?

NLDC has an In-house careers adviser who will circulate your CV to dental practices in and around your area who are looking for trainee dental nurses. We also recommend visiting local dental practices with your updated CV and letter of enrolment (provided by the academy).

How much will I be paid at a dental practice as a Trainee?

It starts at the national minimum wage and increases with experience.

Do I need an up-to-date CV?

Part of our service is to offer a free CV update once enrolled, making your curriculum vitae professional and industry friendly.

Do I need any previous experience or qualifications?

As this is a private academy, you do not need any previous experience or qualifications. At enrolment you will need to complete a basic 1 English literacy test.

What do I need to enrol?

To enrol you will need one photo ID, two proof of address, your national insurance number and your enrolment fee.

How can I apply?

You can apply online via the website or call the office direct to enquire or make an appointment.

Do I study and work at the same time?

Yes! As soon as you enrol, you are eligible to work in a dental practice even before your theory training begins.

Is there a payment plan?


When is the training and how long is it for?

The training session will be once a week for three hours.

What job could I get at the end of the course?

The National diploma is fully recognised allowing application for GDC registration to work a s a qualified Dental Nurse in various sectors of the industry for example, private practices, NHS practices, hospitals and community dental clinics.

What will you study in this course?
  • Law and ethics in dentistry
  • Health and safety
  • General anatomy
  • Oral anatomical structures
  • Human Physiology
  • Medical emergencies in dentistry
  • Oral diseases
  • Oral Surgery
  • Oral Cancer
  • Oral Health Promotion
  • Dental Radiography
  • Endodontics
  • Prosthodontics
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Drugs used in dentistry
  • Dental materials
  • Dental Implants
  • Periodontics- for gum and other surrounding tissues
  • Dental Charting etc
Do I have to pay if I fail the course?


Before any student is entered for the final exam, students will have to prove they are ready by ensuring adequate marks throughout the continuing assessment activities and by passing a mock examination, which will include all aspects of the final exam. Throughout the course, assessments are carried out to ensure continuing support.

Students are also encouraged to access the NEBDN website to view information which is available online.



To enter the National Examination, the students will have to:

Have the ROE signed off

Have the exam fee paid

Have passed the NLDC mock exam ( pass percentage 70%)

Have a minimum of 70% attendance.

Have all course fees paid



The examination will be split in to two distinct parts. The first part will be based on a 2-3 hours written examination. Normally in April and November, students attend the examination and complete the written exam, this is made up of:


Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Extended Matching Questions (EMQ)


Exact dates will be published by the NEBDN therefore make sure you visit the website for up-to-date information.

Students need to be successful in this examination to progress onto the second part of the examinations. Results are released within a few weeks.

In both January and June, the second part of the Diploma examination will take place. Objective structured clinical examinations are used for this practical based assessment. Again, exact dates will be published by the NEBDN therefore make sure you visit the website for up-to-date information. OSCES consist of a number of various tests, putting students in scenarios which in most cases they come across on a day-to-day basis.

Information regarding the National Diploma and the examination process can be found on the NEBDN website:

All parts of the examination are written into the scheme of work and practiced at various times throughout the course program.


Record of experience

The purpose of the RoE is to ensure student dental nurses receive summative assessments carried out in the workplace to an approved standard. The RoE is composed of a series of Practical Experience Record Sheets (PERS), covering all areas of general dentistry set out in five units. The PERS provide a written record of the student’s performance during the relevant clinical procedures that they refer to and indicate whether that performance was satisfactory or not. The range of procedures and the number of PERS to be completed ensures that all registered dental nurses have had a documented minimum of workplace training experiences as a starting point for their careers. Students must provide support to a range of patients during the completion of the RoE and are required to indicate on the tracking document at least one occasion where they have assisted each of the following: an adult patient, a child patient, an elderly patient, a patient with special care requirements. All of the PERS in each unit must be completed to show that the relevant clinical activity was carried out to the required standard (see Appendix A) before a student can enter their final National Diploma examination.


In addition to the PERS, each unit has a variety of ‘Supplementary Outcomes’ (SOs) to be completed. These can either be incorporated in the classroom as a training tool, or as homework. The RoE is not designed to reduce the amount of classroom training required by dental nurse students. Rather, it should complement the theoretical study and learning that they undergo and allow the student to adapt this information to their everyday workplace duties as a dental nurse.


In the event of exam failure (Written or/and OSCES), NLDC will charge the following fees: NLDC will charge the student a fee of£350 + VAT plus whichever exam fee the NEBDN will charge for that exam session. To cover any training sessions the student will attend classes with a different cohort of students, depending on spaces available at the time of their re-enrolment.

Fees and key information

Course typeDiploma

Typical duration1 year

LocationUnited Kingdom

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