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Our Team

Leyla Kara

Operations Manager

Leyla ensures the day to day operations of the business run smoothly with effective methods in place so that the company runs to its maximum productivity. Leyla believes in uniting departments by harnessing a working environment which encourages communication, teamwork, and creativity.

Her favourite things include Hogwarts, anything Italian and acoustic guitar.

Mehmet Eshmene

Company Administrator

Mehmet provides general office support, redirecting enquires, organising company affairs, managing office equipment and technical issues. Mehmet is often referred to and known as the “central hub” of the business.

He enjoys gaming, Marvel movies and listening to rock music.

Gem Kara

Enrolment Manager

Gem introduces the course programme to guide candidates in search of becoming a Trainee Dental Nurse. Gem manages a team of consultants to deliver extensive knowledge of the programme with a clear and concise approach, ensuring a confident journey in the enrolment process.

She enjoys high fashion, socialising, and the sunshine.

Ayse Kara

Careers Team Manager

Ayse maintains great working relationships with Dental Practices, connecting our students with Trainee Dental Nurse vacancies and assisting them in their employment journey. Ayse prepares our students for interviews and trials whilst managing a team of Careers Advisors who provide a specialist recruitment service.

Her favourite things include movie marathons, travel and her dog Chuki.

Rayhan Adamjee

Credit Controller

Rayhan is a member of our finance team, who is responsible for managing the financial day to day aspects of the business. With an emphasis on efficiency, Rayhan aims to support wherever possible with financial enquiries and requests.

He enjoys going to the gym, managing his MMA twitter page and the occasional Star Wars marathon.

Daniela Hapenciuc


Daniela is a member of our finance team, who assesses and manages our accounts. Some of Danielas responsibilities include assessing financial applications, logging and updating financial information and sending relevant paperwork to employers, students and our awarding body.

She enjoys charity work, spending time with family, faith and meditation.

Angelica Badea

Course Coordinator

Angelica structures and coordinates the delivery of the National Diploma course curriculum. Angelica is also a renowned Tutor and fully qualified GDC registered Dental Nurse with extensive knowledge of GDC standards and NEBDN requirements. Her expertise is in all elements of the programme including, Record of Experience, assessing, exam preparation/entry, and training teaching methods.

She enjoys spending time with family, learning new things and summer holidays.

Diana Mihalcea


Diana specialises in the delivery of the National Diploma in Dental Nursing curriculum, providing structured lessons efficiently and responsibly to our students. Diana is creative in her teaching methods and lesson plans, keeping students engaged to achieve remarkable student pass rates. Diana is also a fully qualified GDC registered Dental Nurse and a previous NLDC student.

Her favourite things include, teaching, reading and doing makeup.

Casey Jane Rowe

Tutor and Student Support Consultant

Casey teaches the National Diploma in Dental Nursing and provides essential support to students, enabling them to progress through the course with confidence. Casey works with students on an individual basis, tailoring the student journey accordingly. Casey is also a fully qualified GDC registered Dental Nurse and a previous NLDC student.

She enjoys going to the gym, good food and animals.

Claudia Burtila

Internal Assessor

Claudia specialises in assessing and marking work for NLDC students. Claudia provides feedback to assist students in how they can improve and develop further. Claudia is GDC registered with a passion for Dental Nursing.

Her favourite things include, reading, watching comedy and spending time with family.

Teaching Department

Teaching Department

Finance Department

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