Oral Health Education

Oral Health Education

Oral Health Awareness

About this course

The National Examining on Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN) certifies the Oral Health Education program for registered dental nurses who wish to continue professional development. This course provides the knowledge and skills you need to become a high quality oral dental health educator.

Combination Course for Orthodontic Nursing & Oral Health Education Available

The aim of the Oral Health Education course is to promote the importance of brilliant oral hygiene and educate your patients on oral health in order to prevent future oral diseases. As Oral Dental Educator you will be able to adjust your skills and dental health knowledge depending on patient needs. Throughout the course, you will learn about theoretical knowledge and practice skills under dentist supervision.

Course review

Along with the program, you will go throw the following features in order to, as a General Dental Council (GDC) registered dental nurse, get the theoretical knowledge and practical experience need it for your workplace. You will analyze the different causes of oral diseases; practical tips on how to prevent oral diseases; Oral Health promotion; Planning and evaluating Oral Health Education sessions and finalize the course, resources.


Over the practice offered in this program, you will become a  qualified oral dental nurse who is able to arrange and transmit a vigorous oral health treatment in order to avert or reduce the side effect of the oral disease. Furthermore, as a certified oral dental nurse, you will manage to identify the convenient treatment depending on your patient needs


The certificate will give you the ability to be able to discuss the different causes and how to prevent oral diseases, demonstrate your efficient skills in communication with patients, the consciousness of research, guidance and ongoing articles and, exhibit your competency as an oral dental nurse in providing oral health education to your patients over to complete the Record of Competence.

Entry requirements

To get enrolled on our NEBDN accredited Oral Health Education Course you must meet the following criteria:

  • Qualified Dental Nurse registered with the General Dental Council (GDC)
  • Valid First Aid/Basic Life Support (BLS) certificate
  • To have the right to work in UK
  • Dental Practice/Employer to assist and sign your electronic Records of Competence (RoC)
  • Basic English
  • Must have your hepatitis B vaccination
  • A valid proof of ID


Enrolment fees starting from £441.00

Monthly instalment plans available.

Why choose us?

We are the UK’s leading course and training provider in the dental industry. With a track record of excellence and expertise, we specialise in qualifying high-standard industry professionals. Our commitment to delivering top-quality education and nurturing skilled dental professionals sets us apart as the preferred choice in the field.

Fees and key information

Course typeDiploma

Typical duration5 months

LocationUnited Kingdom

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Course Overview

An oral health educator has an important and valuable role within a dental practice to promote good oral health care and work with patients to help prevent oral disease.

The NEBDN Certificate in Oral Health Education is specifically designed to equip a Dental Nurse wishing to develop professionally to become an oral health educator, with the knowledge and skills required to be able to effectively deliver oral health care messages, educate various patient groups and have the ability to adapt information and communication to the specific needs of the patient.

Who is it for?

Registered Dental Nurses who wish to further their knowledge and specialise in Oral Health Education, enabling them to take a more active role in the promotion of Oral Health.

What is an ROC?

Record of Competence
You will be required to complete a work-based Record of Competence (RoC). NEBDN recommends minimum duration of 3 months (Min 16 hours per week) for the completion of the RoC.

There are three sections to the RoC:

  • Practical Competence Assessment Sheets (PCAS)
  • Case studies
  • Supplementary outcomes
What are the exams?

This is a 90-minute written examination composed of two sections:
Part A – 45 multiple choice questions (MCQ)
Part B – 30 extended matching questions (EMQ)
Examinations are held twice a year in March and September